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January 06, 2005

Καραβάκι - ギリシャのクリスマス を運営しているフィリポスさんから、ギリシャのクリスマスの習慣について面白いお話を教えていただきました。ギリシャでは、クリスマス期間中に καραβάκι(カラヴァキ)、つまり小さな船を部屋に飾るんだそうです。
英語で詳しい説明も書いてくださいました。簡単な日本語訳もつけましたので、"続きを読む" からご覧ください。

 As you know, from the ancient times Greece is a naval country. Japan, as an island has also much culture sea... Also today, Greece owns the biggest world-wide merchant fleet and order many of their ships to Japanese shipyards.
 The tradition with Karavaki goes back to hundred of years. Many Greeks were working as seamen. (My grandfather was also a seaman -he was coming to Japan I think...:)). During Christmas period, when they were returning to their homes after their long-travels at the sea, their wifes used to celebrate by decorating small wooden boats. It was like saying to them "Welcome home". Also, in old times children on the islands sang Christmas carols holding illuminated model boats in their hands.
 Some claim that this custom's roots are linked not with Christmas, but with the December 6 celebration of Agios Nikolas (St Nicholas), the patron saint of sailors in Greece. In any case, I remember my grandmother who always was decorating the woden boat at our home, and I keep this wonderful tradition.
 The Christmas tree came in Greece after the 2nd world war.


 (文・写真 Ph. Gritziotis / 日本語訳:bouno)

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「!」と思ってちょっと手持ちのDVDを見てみたら…、Σάκης Ρουβάς のREMIXにも映ってました。Kanoume oneiraで、テサロニキの広場でライブをやっているところの映像です。持ってる方はぜひ見てみて。


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